Social Media

It’s 2018, and every business needs a Social Media plan.  Not because it’s fun, but because it pays.

Like your web-site, your social presence provides a way for people to find you.  It also creates an opportunity to have a two-way conversation with these new people and provide service to your current followers.  Do it well and you’re rewarded with sales and satisfied customers.

Social is it’s own thing though.  Authenticity sells.  Business-y doesn’t.

Which is why you should consider me to promote your company, product or event.  Run your social media ad campaigns.  Improve your social media profiles.  Create an engaging content calendar and then make it happen.

“People buy from people” … and today millions of people research, meet and buy through Social.

  • Profile Setup and Refresh.
  • Social Media marketing plan.
  • Monthly content calendar.
  • Content creation to plan.
  • Sponsored Posts.
  • Analytics and Adjustment.