Search Engine Marketing

You’re looking for something new: What’s the first thing you do?

Google right?

And when someone goes looking for the thing you do: What do you want them to find?

Your Business right?

That’s why you need a good web-site, and why you need that web-site to be found.  But top rankings don’t happen by accident. They are earned, and re-earned using a toolbox of analysis, trial and technique.

My Search Engine Marketing campaigns focus on 2 targets;

Organic Rankings: I lead with Quality Content supported by techniques like keyword-rich content and meta tag optimization, plus gain an edge by attending to the fine details like descriptive titles and photo descriptions.

Sponsored Rankings like Google AdWords.  Pay only for the people who hit your site.  A good site + a well-presented product will make sponsored ads your most-effective ad spend.

  • Audit of current Digital Marketing
  • Customized digital marketing plan.
  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ).
  • Google Adwords / Facebook campaigns.
  • Email List Building and Marketing.
  • Constant Data Analytics.